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Today’s key challenge for the church in the West is to reach and raise the next generations – often missing or misunderstood – yet vital to the future of contemporary society and to Christianity. Drawing on 20 years of fruitful experience, and carefully analysing Britain’s present cultural context this book explores how to disciple today’s Millennial (Gen Y) generation and their teenage/early adult successors Gen Z. With plenty of positive insights into the opportunities these generations possess, it speaks into how to help build solid foundations of identity and purpose for young adults and assesses some of the biggest challenges to Christian discipleship in today’s culture. It will equip individuals who seek to mentor, parent or lead young adults into discipleship in the everyday and within church, as well as those of Y & Z age who are passionate to understand and disciple your own generation. It concludes with practical guidance and a passionate challenge to established churches who wish to reach these generations.’In this book, The XYZ of Discipleship, Nick and Marjorie challenge us to look beyond our church programmes in order to create intentional environments and connection for discipleship with the Generations Y and Z. They address how to how redefine discipleship for them by capturing their hearts and value systems. All without diluting the glorious truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God. They are not afraid of the perceived threat of challenge by Generations Y and Z but see it as a foundation to lead them to love and devotion to Jesus and His plans in their lives and callings.This book is a must read for anyone leading a church today!’Duncan and Kate Smith, Presidents, Catch The Fire World & Senior Leaders Catch the Fire Church Raleigh-Durham, NC’For anyone seeking to evangelise and disciple Generations X and Y, Nick and Marjorie’s book offers a wealth of insight from their experiences and life-wisdom of working among this generation. As they point out, there is great spiritual hunger and need among this age group, but in an environment where the church is struggling to reach this demographic, their book is a much-needed resource.’Dr. Lucy Peppiatt, Principal, Westminster Theological Centre

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