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First published in Latin in 1418, this Christian devotional book is considered to be the most widely read Christian text in the world, aside from the Bible. The translators of this version set out to create the most clear and readable version possible, which is updated into modern English. They also removed the original “statement” format, and placed relevant text into paragraphs that connect ideas together more fully, for easier reading. The reason for this book’s popularity is due to its personal approach toward the reader. One can focus on self-improvement through inner work, based on Christ’s teachings, via prayer and meditation. This process includes lessons that elevate one’s spiritual nature toward a Christ-like way of being, rather than following outward rules that often fail. It has been popular throughout the ages with all devout Christians, as well as mystics and religious researchers. This Book Tree published version is highly recommended for those wishing to get the most out of their experience with this great Christian classic.

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