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A search for a missing son… and a toxic mystery that threatens the globe. ‘Did a 1981 Dean Koontz thriller predict the coronavirus outbreak?’ Daily Mail’Dean Koontz is not just a master of our darkest dreams, but also a literary juggler’ The TimesFrom bestselling phenomenon Dean Koontz, The Eyes of Darkness is a gripping thriller following a mother’s search for her son – a journey that unlocks the deadliest of secrets.It’s a year since Tina Evans lost her little boy Danny in a tragic accident.Then a shattering message appears on the blackboard in Danny’s old room: NOT DEAD.Is it someone’s idea of a grim joke? Or something far more sinister?The search for an answer drives Tina through the neon clamour of Las Vegas nightlife.The sun-scorched desert. The frozen mountains of the High Sierra.People face a dreadful danger as a buried truth struggles to surface.A truth so frightening that its secret must be kept at the price of any life – any man, any woman…any child. Why readers are obsessed with The Eyes of Darkness: ‘Couldn’t put it down…it’s been a while since a book has kept me up all night.’ ***** Goodreads review’So prophetic I really can’t believe it.’ ***** Goodreads review’It is simply unbelievable.’ ***** Goodreads reviewThis book was originally published under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols.

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