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It’s been said: If you’re a believer in Christ you need to shy away from the trappings of wealth and affluence. Christian millionaires or billionaires are not good role models.  And that is completely true.Or is it?Well…it turns out you can be a Christian millionaire (or billionaire), love God,  and do great things in the world.According to an independent study from the of the 13.1 million millionaires in the world, 7.4 million, or 56.2%, identify themselves as Christian.This is in contrast to: 6.5% who identified themselves as Muslim. 3.9% who identified themselves as Hindu. 1.7 % who identified themselves as Jewish.What are the secret success habits that caused THESE believers to be wealthy, while other believers are in poverty? Well, look no further as this book will answer that and much more.The results of these success habits are life-changing: One family was hopelessly in debt, hounded by creditors, and without hope. They learned a success habit and was out of debt in two years and became multi-millionaires. One man flunked out of nine jobs, learned a few success habits, and had success to the tune of one million dollars a week! One man used a success habit to combat a corrupt government. He used it to win an “impossible” battle and within weeks his company became the leading company in that country! One man used a success habit to bring his company from the brink of insolvency and within a couple of years sold it for $500 millionIn this book you’re going to learn: How to make more money. How to accomplish more in a shorter time. How to take less and do more with it. How to find your place of greatest fulfillmentAnd much, more more!Are you ready to start down the path of becoming a self-made millionaire?Then scroll to the top of this page and click BUY NOW.

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