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“Revelations of Divine Love” is a text of Julian of Norwich’s dream visions that she had when she was near death. Then, after being miraculously healed, Julian of Norwich dedicated the rest of her life to writing her series of sixteen visions for all to read and understand. During her life, Norwich had suffered through three different bouts of the Black Death. Julian of Norwich remained optimistic in her faith, though; she denied that the plagues were God’s punishment on the wicked. Instead, she believed that God was incapable of punishment. In her eyes, every person was worthy of God’s salvation, and Hell was not a place of banishment and torture. She thought that God’s true intentions of Hell were yet to be discovered. In “Revelations of Divine Love,” Julian of Norwich extrapolates on her beliefs and describes the visions she received about the Passion of the Christ as well as the Virgin Mary. In addition to being a truly inspiring work, it is also hailed as the first book written in English by a woman. Regardless if it is read for its historical significance or its religious message, “Revelations of Divine Love” is a truly inspiring text of Christian Mysticism.

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