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God on Mute was written out of Pete’s own experience of the miraculous power of prayer alongside the pain of unanswered prayer and the common human struggle to find faith with that paradox. Just after the birth of the 24-7 Prayer Movement and of his second child Pete’s wife, Samie was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. Subsequent surgery to remove the cancer was successful but she continues to suffer terrible epilepsy and his deepest prayers for her healing did not work. Tracking Christ’s own unanswered prayer through Gethsemane and Golgotha, the book leads the reader to Easter Sunday where miracles arise – often when we least expect it. Pete is passionate about the message of God on Mute because it will help many hurting people to hang onto God when they need him more than ever before. Our hope is that God on Mute will inspire people to persevere in prayer and to admit to their struggles as well as their encouragements. Pete Greig is a theology graduate, who found his spiritual home at the innovative Revelation Church in Chichester. Greig has earned a reputation as a radical thinker through his involvement with Cultural Shift. Pete is one of the founding leaders of 24-7 Prayer, which has grown since 1999 from a single prayer room in England into an international, interdenominational Christian community in 63 countries. Greig is a popular speaker and the author of Red Moon Rising. Pete Greig will be speasking at Easter People and Spring Harvest this year.

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