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From Amazon #1 best-selling author Wes Raley comes a powerful new book about how to hear God’s voice, receive His promises, and walk in your destiny.Do you wonder if God is speaking to you?Have you been waiting for God’s promises to come to pass for what seems like too long, only to continually come up empty? Are you frustrated by the lack of clarity on this subject? Are you uncertain of what to believe anymore?7 Signs that God is Speaking to You will be the clarity you have been looking for! You will gain great insight into what God is promising you and receive the answers you have been looking for. Way more than just a list of 7 signs, this powerful book will awaken hope in your heart and equip you with the tools needed for Biblical discernment about God’s promises for your situation.If you are someone who desires confirmation about what God is promising you, this book will be a great encouragement to you.Get the answers you have been looking for today!Through the clear teachings and Biblical passages in this book you will:•Gain the clarity you have been longing for about what God is promising you.•Discover how the past doesn’t have to hold you back.•Learn about God’s passion for fulfilling the healthy desires of your heart.•Be introduced to the process by which God brings about His promises.•Grow in understanding about God’s character and nature.•Renew your mind about the power of walking by faith and not by sight.•Receive a greater awareness of God’s personal love and care for you.•Unlock the keys to discerning what God is promising you personally.•Be refreshed by God’s sovereignty and complete ability to bring about what He promises.•Embrace the fullness of God’s incredible plans for your life.Also included in this powerful new book:•Exposing the detrimental effects of living by the worldly model of human reasoning.•Real-life examples of people who had to wait longer than expected to receive the promises of God.•A detailed discussion about God’s nature as a Promiser, Father, and Rewarder.•Identifying the characteristics of the wisdom of God.•Developing a Biblical filter for testing the advice that others offer you.•How to avoid the pitfalls of focusing on the disappointments of others instead of the movement of God in your life.•Trusting in God’s love for you in the middle of conflicting evidence of circumstances.•Embracing the waiting time between God’s promises and the fulfillment.•Finding God’s voice through stillness and trust.•Receiving God’s promises with all that they entail including God’s methods, timing, and permitted circumstances and delays.•Casting a vision for the day when faith will become sight, waiting will be complete, and victory will be obtained.Don’t wait, get the clarity you have been longing for by purchasing 7 Signs that God is Speaking to You today.

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